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Does anyone have any recommendations for any fantasy stock market games online?

I've been looking at playing with some fantasy stock market games, and I was wondering if the Hive Mind has any recommendations. I'm pretty open to suggestions, and would be happy with games that mirror real brokerages and markets closely as well as those who trade in more esoteric virtual commodities—think the Hollywood Stock Exchange and similar fantasy exchanges.
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Well, there is The Virtual Stock Exchange, but, to be honest -- I find Yahoo's portfolio tools much more flexible. You can assemble as many "dry runs" as you like, test whatever criteria you think are important, etc. Use Yahoo's stock screen too. It gives you several useful views and supplies key information. Obly downside is that you're playing against yourself and you have to input the data (ie: allow for virtual broker fees, etc.)
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CAPS has been holding my attention this last year and a half, and it's free.
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I love CAPS too; but more as an observer. I think CAPS is more for people who already have a good handle on what they are doing (which might very describe Weebot and suit his needs), but if you're just learning -- or honing -- your skills, I would favor another site. In either case, you definitely want to bookmark it.
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Stock-trak looks promising. It also has a commodities market simulator, which I find much more interesting.
posted by ctmf at 12:13 AM on April 1, 2008 is good for FX simulations -- (select FX Trading, FX Game)
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I sort of enjoy marketocracy, but I think the tools are a bit of a pain in the ass. On the other hand, you get experience dealing with some Official Fund Management Rules (you must be diversified this way, you must do this, you must do that) -- which initially seem annoying, but are a good way to make sure you are really looking into a sector of the market that you're interested in.
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You might have fun with Beat The Street or Wall Street Survivor, as both have opportunities for winning cash money. Predict Wall Street is a community site that allows you to score based on the accuracy of your predictions. CAPS, of course...
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I play Wall Street Survivor which I like a lot although you don't get dividends. It's connected to Motley Fools. The cash jackpot is a big incentive.

I'm losing terribly at Star vs Star, I don't like it. They don't really explain exactly how they measure your score. (you bet on who will make the tabloids tomorrow) I'm looking for a better celebrity game.
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I used Hedgestop. It's alright.
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By coincidence, I just caught an ad for which has a free trial period for currency trading. With simulator.
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Celebdaq - the celebrity stock exchange! Pretty fun, I was addicted to it for awhile.
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