Help me find this geeky kids' book!
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I read a book sometime in elementary school (early/mid 90's) that I've been trying to find. It had to do with geometry and math and platonic solids and origami (I believe there were several nods to Flatland). The plot had something about evil army men toys and a boy having a fever dream. I think the cover had a picture of the boy riding a manta ray.

I know this sounds like something I dreamed up, but I know it was real! Anyone recognize it? I've googled for various keywords to no avail.
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Not the Planiverse by AK Dewdney?
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We had a question about Flatland-like books before, you might be able to find yours in there.

thatwhichfalls mentioned Alex Kasman's list of mathematical fiction which might work if it doesn't turn up explicitly in the thread.
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Best answer: Ha, I found it: The Boy With Paper Wings. I was remembering a lot of the details wrong. Thanks anyway, internet!
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