What are the best seats at Wrigley Field?
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I am traveling to Chicago in April to see a Mets-Cubs game at Wrigley Field and want to get good (though not necessarily expensive) seats. For those who have been to Wrigley, are there any seats you would definitely recommend?

I have a feeling that sitting in the bleachers might be a cool experience, but I am not sure what the atmosphere is like out there, with regards to finding/keeping a seat and having a good view of the game.

It's a day game, if that matters.

Also, I am planning on buying the tickets off StubHub, unless you can recommend a better channel.
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Stubhub is ok, but scalping is always the best bet in terms of saving money. There are a ton of ticket vendors in and around Wrigley, though.

Most seats are very good, there are some obstructed view seats though.

I had 3rd base line seats in the lower level.. But anything with a 100 level will be good.Seating chart

Bleachers are a great experience, though outfield seats are not that great, anywhere. You can keep your seats pretty easily.

P.S. I'm sitting here looking at Wrigley from my apartment window.
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Wrigley Field in April could be quite a cool experience, if not downright chilly, even in late April.

I think the left field bleachers are a good view, plus they will be in the sun and somewhat sheltered if the wind's off the lake. If there are any homers it will be more likely that they will go to left. And Soriano bats right.
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Who are you rooting for, and what's your personality type?

If you're rooting for the Cubs, and you're a social kinda person, you really must get bleacher seats, then show up early to get a decent spot. The bleachers at Cubs games, for better or for worse, are a gigantic party / beer garden. Don't get me wrong - families sit there and can sit and enjoy the game just fine - it's just ... different. To be clear: You can still have a great time in the bleachers if you're strictly there to watch the game seriously. However, if you enjoy a laid back fun atmosphere with nice, jovial people, the bleachers are not to be missed.

If you're either not really into the laid back, party-ish atmosphere of the bleachers, or if you're rooting for the Mets and can't take a good ribbing from people if you plan on wearing Mets gear -- find seats. Just about any seats are good, really. The only obstructed view seats I've ever had at wrigley were "Terrace Reserved" seats, which depending upon their positioning may or may not have a pole in the way of part of the field.

Any seats aside from the bleachers, by the way, are automatically kept / yours for the game. I've never seen bleacher seats "stolen" once they'd been claimed, but it's always best to have a friend stay while you make a beer/food run.. just in case

Also: BRING YOUR OWN SUNSCREEN if you will be in uncovered seats. Three plus hours of sun kicking your skin's ass can make for an unpleasant burn. They sell it at Wrigley, but it's ridiculously expensive (like $15 for a bottle!)
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The bleachers are fun... it's quite a ways to home plate but you're up close to the outfielders, and you will appreciate being in the sun-- it can be really cold at Wrigley in April. (Dress in layers, warmer than you think you'll need. You can always take some off if you're warm enough.)
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The bleachers at Wrigley are like a giant frat party on steroids.
It's a yuppie kind of experience. A drunken loud yuppie experience.
Picture.... Animal House but replace the togas with L.L. Bean and Gap.
I don't think half the people out there even know they're at a game.
And god help you if Ronnie Woo Woo is sitting anywhere near you.

I'd take the sandmanwv advice and stick with lower 100's
I've had good experiences with Stubhub. Or... You can scalp tickets pretty easily near the park. One problem. Over the past few years more and more fake tickets are being sold on the streets. I had a buddy buy 4 and get turned away at the gate.

Have fun and make sure to check out the neighborhood around the park after the game. Lots of fun bars and restaurants.
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If you can't afford seats closer to the field, my favorite seats have always been upper deck, third base line, as close to the front row as possible. Not sure if this is still possible, but you used to be able to sneak down into the front row pretty easily -- for some reason the ticketholders for a lot of those seats never used to show up.

The great thing about old parks like Wrigley is the way the upper deck is stacked right on top of the lower deck -- it feels almost like you're hanging out over the field. Terrific view for baseball. Just make sure you don't get stuck too high up, i.e. behind a support column.
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If it is a nice, sunny day, then the bleachers would be fun (if that is your brand of fun). Since April is a cold time to watch a Cubs' game (you are not far from the lake), you would want to be in the sun as much as possible. Seats under the overhang in the lower level are bitterly cold in the wind and shade, so keep that in mind when buying tickets. Seats down the right field line get a little more sun during the game.
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Sorry...forgot one other thing...buy the tickets directly from a broker (if you need to save money). Stub Hub is more expensive, and there are plenty of brokers around the stadium. Just look in the yellow pages.
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