Pop songs with (near-)identical bookends whose musical content isn't repeated anywhere else in the song
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What are some pop songs that are bookended by identical or near-identical passages whose musical content isn't repeated anywhere else in the song?

For example, Rilo Kiley's "Under the Blacklight," or Frente!'s "Most Beautiful."
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Elvis Costello has a song called "Man Out Of Time" on Imperial Bedroom like that.
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The Beatles - Eight Days a Week
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Supergrass, "Eon," from their 1999 eponymous release.
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Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand
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Fu Manchu - Squash That Fly
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If "the first twenty seconds and the last three minutes of a seven minute song" counts as "bookending", then I've Seen All Good People, by Yes.
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Led Zepplin: Achilles Last Stand
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Yes - Roundabout
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Ugh. Ugh. I'm embarrassed to admit that I thought of this one, but:

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, by Billy Joel.

It took a phenomenal amount of self-control for me to suffer through that song to verify it matches your criteria, so I hope you appreciate it.
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"God Shuffled His Feet" by the Crash Test Dummies.
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Yes - Roundabout
Nope. The repetition of the opening phrase is about midway through the song, not at the end.
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"Go All The Way" by The Rasberries.
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I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but John Mayer's "My Stupid Mouth" has a line in it that states, I'm never speaking up again," which is repeated in Your Body Is a Wonderland," the next track on the CD Room for Squares.
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Tom Waits' Ice Cream Man starts and ends with a spooky melody that contrasts sharply with the song itself. Personally, my theory is that the whole album occurs over the course of a night, and that particular song is the part where he falls asleep, and dreams of being a way more macho guy than he is in the rest of the album. The spooky bit is the sort of "twilight zone" transition part where he falls out of consciousness, then comes back again when he wakes up. YMMV.
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I'm not sure if this qualifies, but Sorrow by Pink Floyd is bookended with a pair of slow, identical guitar riffs. It's obviously different than the rest of the song, which is substantially faster in tempo, even though there are similarities in the guitar work. (YouTube performance.)

One of the most awesome songs ever, regardless.
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"40,000 Headmen" orig. by Traffic, which I haven't heard, covered by Blood, Sweat, & Tears, which I have.
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"In the Parkin' Lot" by the Beach Boys
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Xtreme - Stop The World
(I want that 'Master Of Eighties Cheese" award you're all afraid of winning.)
Frank Black - Hang Onto Your Ego
Strange Loop - Liz Phair sorta fits the bill.
Disconnect The Dots - Of Montreal

That's all that spring to mind for me. I can think of so many more that start with a unique "B" section that's never used elsewhere in the song, like 9-9 by R.E.M.
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Billy Joel's "The Stranger"
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Body of an American, by the Pogues.
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I'm pretty sure Romeo and Juliet by The Killers matches this description. Assuming it is 'pop'.
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Ack. The Killers version is obviously a cover of Dire Straits. I just jumped to the version I first heard.
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"White room" by Cream.
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