Replacing fuel filter
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I'm looking to replace the fuel filter on my 2003 Chevrolet Tracker. It's a relatively easy process, but I'm having some difficulty locating the exact position of the filter. Does anyone happen to have a diagram or link to where can I get this information?
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I have the shop manual at work. I'd assume it is like most other Chevy's and it'll be along the fuel supply line, near the left or right side, right under the running boards. Depending on if they carried over the Japanese design from the Geo Tracker, it may be in the engine compartment.

*edit: A quick search at Rock Auto shows a picture of the fuel filter, and thats definitely a filter installed in the engine compartment. It'll probably be right after the fuel line kicks up along the firewall. The connection out of it should go into the fuel rail.
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I forgot that on some Japanese models, filters like that are also located right near the tank. Check both spots, but I'd hope for the engine compartment location if I were you.
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Best answer: Here's the relevant page from the service manual. Looks like it's at the fuel tank.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help!
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