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Help me find this hebrew phrase fast!

My friend wants to get this phrase: "Love that won't quit" tattooed on her neck in Hebrew. She needs to be able to print it out to bring to the artist. Help me find this online! Script is preferable but block will work too.
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It's "Ahava Shelo Nigmeret" (אהבה שלא נגמרת)

But you may want to get this seconded by someone else. It's been quite a number of years since I've spoken Hebrew.

You can find a table that links the block letters to the script equivalents on this Wikipedia page

I hope that helps!
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While i am by no means a native hebrew speaker, that does look pretty close to me....
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If you want something more poetic, try

אהבה אין קץ

"Ahava ein ketz", which translates as "love without end".

(Suggested by the Israeli boyfriend. Apparently found in songs and whatnot.)
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