Examples of interactive product user guides
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I'm looking for good examples of animated/interactive product user guides or instructions, preferably in Flash.

I'm trying to find examples of products that use less text and more visual elements to explain to users how a product works, and to help them complete tasks (ex: taking a photo, printing a document, operating your toaster, etc). I've found a lot of marketing-centric "product overviews" that spin an object around 360 degrees, but don't show how DO something related to the product. I'm looking more for something filling the role of an instruction manual, but animated or interactive, so it uses fewer words.
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Here are some How-to Flash animations for using the Epson Stylus Color 440 printer.
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I am the webmaster for this e-commerce site. .. and we have two that I know of:

Harmony 1000 Remote Control

Motorola Homesight System

There is one more on our site somewhere but I can't seem to remember where or what it was..
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