Who voices the free iPod banners?
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Who does the voiceover for those "Congratulations, you've been selected..." banners and how do I get in touch with her? I wish to procure her services.

You know the voice. You're innocently surfing the web one day and BAM! "Congratulations, you've been selected to receive two free iPod nanos." Whoever she is, I need to find her. Why, you ask? I want her to record my voicemail greeting. It would go something like this:

"Congratulations, you've been selected to leave a message for Jack Cheng."

Some sleuthing revealed that the banners are hosted by LiquidMedia Networks, but my attempts to contact them have been for naught. Help me MeFi, you're my only hope.
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If you can't reach this specific woman, can you contact an agency (perhaps one that specializes in voice-over actors) and request a woman with a similar voice? You can then explain what you want the message to sound like.
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You might find her, or a close facsimile, on Voices.com
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Response by poster: I'll try some of the agencies/voice talent sites. I'd prefer the woman who actually did the voice - I'd also like to ask her a few questions specifically about those free ipod ads.
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