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Active Directory Filter.... Anyone know of a good source for learning to deploy software via Active Directory?

I have read a bit on MS Tech Net, but still seem in the dark. I am looking for a good online step-by-step of going from having a msi to getting it out to certain users PC's.

Thanks Hive!
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There's not much to it, where are you having the issue? You may want to search for "Deploying software via GPO" where GPO is an Active Directory Group Policy object.

I think this TechNet article explains it well.
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Here are the basics.

You also may find a lot more flexibility with writing a batch file and putting that in the machine policy startup.
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Different software have different procedures for installing via Group Policy. (It's not strictly deployed via Active Directory.) I suggest finding out how to deploy Office with Group Policy and running through it. It will give you a good understanding of how it works, including how some applications have to be packaged for deployment. This will show you how to do it fairly simply. ;-)
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Response by poster: Ape - Thanks, your link proved helpful, however, what do you do with applications that require inputs during the setup? the app I tested wanted a path to a db during the setup and since it never prompted me to put it in, it failed...

Thanks again to everyone who answered....
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