Weird-smelling menstrual blood?
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Should I worry about weird-smelling menstrual blood?

My menstrual blood smells strongly of vinegar. This is the first time this has happened. Does this mean there is some kind of problem?
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Asparagus could do that.
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posting on behalf of a friend (really, she sent this to me by email):
This happened to me. Actually, I noticed the vinegar smell when I didn't have my period, but it definitely got stronger when I had my period. I went to my doctor and she said she had never heard of anything causing a vinegar smell and kept asking if I meant a fishy smell. No, not fish, vinegar. She couldn't smell anything. Anyway, she had a look and it turned out I had a raging yeast infection (I was away from my home city and waited 3 months til I got back to see a doc, so it was kind of bad by the time I did). I had no itching, burning, or anything else that supposedly goes with a yeast infection, but both the doc's exam and the slide/sample thing they do said that's what it was. Anyway, I took the yeast infection stuff and it went away. It's returned a couple of times since (odour, but no itching/burning or any other yeast infection symptoms) and I went out and bought OTC yeast infection stuff and it went away. I've come to the conclusion that when I have non-standard reactions/symptoms from yeast infections. Maybe you do, too. Go see your doctor.
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Sounds like acetic bacteria, either coexisting with the yeast (which make it easier for the acetic bacteria to flourish, but don't have as strong a smell), or instead of them. Since acetic bacteria are adapted to getting nutrition from alcohol (which is how they turn a $500 bottle of Dom Perignon into a worthless bottle of sparkling vinegar), I'd guess the former.

Doesn't sound any more serious than a standard yeast infection, but it's time to ask a qualified Gyno for a test. IMO.
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