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Is there any sort of discography for albums created/recorded at Studio PASS? What was the story behind Studio PASS anyway?

In the 80s, it seems like a lot of innovative music was being created at Studio PASS (the Public Access Synthesizer Studio in New York). They Might Be Giants' first album was recorded there, for example, as was David Van Tieghem's work. My understanding is that it was one of the only places underground artists had access to gear like the Fairlight CMI. Is there a definitive list of works recorded there? A description of the Studio PASS scene?
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It looks connected to harvestworks somehow and they've only been keeping archives since 1983. But that might help with your search.

From the write-up almost everywhere, it seems simply like a "studio for rent" situation, which may not be conducive to keeping good records of who recorded there.
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