Arrrr...where's me treasure, wench?
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What and where are the collections of the worlds best treasure troves?

I want to track down the largest collections of gems, gold and jewellery around the world. Recently I was reading about the Iranian Crown Jewels and was gobsmacked by the sheer size of both the individual pieces and the sheer amount of it all.

I know about the English Crown Jewels, of course, and those of other countries. I guess there'd be collections of gems within various Natural History museums in the Geological section. Where else can I feast my eyes (online) on other brilliant baubles?
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Well, there's always the infamous jewels of Imelda Marcos.
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And Gems of the Rich and Famous.
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The Imperial Treasury (Schatzkammer) at the Kunsthistorisches in Vienna is a pretty spectacular collection.
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You've got to check out Topkopi in Istanbul. I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed but ended up gobsmacked with the quantity and quality of the jewels, precious stones, metals, in so many shapes, sizes and colours. Seriously impressive.
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Seconding the Topkapi Palace, especially for its somewhat non-European emphasis.
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The Vatican.
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Oh, I should have added: Who knows (besides popes and their pals) what really lies in Vatican vaults? Most people (us ordinaries) probably will never get to see them, either in person or online. But man, I'd love to wander around there!
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The "Gold Room" at the Historiska Museet in Stockholm houses an extremely impressive collection of Viking gold and silver.
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Sometime in the late '90s I saw an exhibit of Tsarist swag and I was blown away. An old website for the exhibit has some of the collection on-line. I seem to recall there being gold diamond encrusted thrones, Faberge eggs by the dozen, and all the other treasures you'd expect. I thought it put the UK's Crown Jewels to shame. I remember leaving the exhibit and being both impressed by the artistry of it all and also having more sympathy for a good ole proletarian revolution.
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