Where to find these PBS documentaries?
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I'm looking to watch/rent/buy two particular PBS series that I can't for the life of me find online.

I want to watch "An American Family" (plus all of the updates) and "Age [7/ 14-Up/ 21-Up] in America".

I'm down for streaming, downloading, or buying bootleg copies at a reasonable price. Any format is okay.

I know that clips are available on Google Video, but I've read enough spoilers and critical commentary already and want to actually see the whole shows.

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This site says there's a "black market" DVD set that contains all 12 episodes, plus the 10th anniversary retrospective and the "finale" about Lance's death, but it doesn't seem to give details about how to get one.
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The Up Series is available at Amazon.com here.
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That's the UK Up series -- OP is asking about the American spin-off.
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Best answer: Oh, oops. Sorry about that. Since there doesn't seem to be any official DVD available, here's 21 Up America.
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The link that amyms above posted has an email address for subcin at the bottom of the page, and it says "email me for information on acquiring rare DVD recordings" on the home page. So, I'm guessing that you just have to email for a pricelist, to get "An American Family" on DVD.

I've purchased similarly-sized bootlegs in the past, and they've cost $20-40. But owning the entire 'Cop Rock' series on DVD? Priceless.

Good luck with your search.
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The Up series is available through Netflix's "Watch It Now" feature.
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Sorry, wasn't paying attention, you're looking for the American version of the series.
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