Auto CSS head styles to body styles?
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What's that program that takes CSS styles defined in the head of an HTML document and applies them to each element's style attribute? It's for HTML email-making, where such a nonsensical thing is desirable.

I believe it was a command line program, and I believe it was written in Python. I've done a good bit of Googlin', and I'm starting to think I imagined the whole thing.
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Best answer: Premailer:
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Response by poster: Brilliant. Thank you!
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Oh my gosh thank you for this.
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Please note that if you've been out of the HTML email business for a while, Outlook 2007 uses the freakin' MS Word HTML rendering engine, so much of your CSS may be for naught.
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omg i had no idea such a thing existed although i've looked for it every time i've built a newsletter template.

i am now so unbelievably happy.
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Agh! I wish I'd known about this a couple months ago when I first had to wade through this hell. Thanks piro.
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