Why is my toe tingling?
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My pinky toe has been tingling for two days; what does it all mean?

So, since last night (Wed. 26th), the pinky toe on my right foot has been tingling, a pins-and-needles kind of feeling. The sensation is strongest on the underside of the toe, towards the tip. There is no obvious sign of injury/abnormality, and it is similar in color and temperature to my other toes. The sensation isn't strong, as I'm able to sleep without problems and it's not particularly distracting. But it's damn weird, and I'm wondering what might be going on.

Any ideas?
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Have you gotten new shoes recently?
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Are you taking Topamax?
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I'm going to make the same suggestion I made to waxpancake.
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Possible nerve / neurological problem. If it persists or progresses, ask your doctor.
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I get this and just put it down to circulation. My pinky toes are kinda curled in and a bit of a massage usually helps things back to normal.
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Definitely could be a pinched nerve in your lower back. Get it checked out. With relatively mild symptoms like this they might start by prescribing some stretches to see if that straightens it out, then progress to PT. Untreated, this can get worse, cause pain, cause nerve death. You don't want to go there. Personally, I would go to a chiropractor, they are good at this kind of thing. A good one will refer you to a "real doc" if they think it's beyond their scope of expertise.
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If you go to a doctor or other treatment professional, take the shoes you were wearing around the time this began (unless, of course, they're your regular shoes).
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Funny, both my big toes started doing this about a week ago; it feels like the skin's too tight or something, and they tingle a bit when I touch them. It's happened before too, and feels a bit more severe this time.. maybe I should see my GP.
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Ruling out new shoes, new laces, newly re-laced shoes, new exercise routine, new sitting position, or new method of transportation (more walking, or bike riding, or new car): if it persists, visit a doctor.
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Tt's probably not a circulation problem: if it was, your toe would be basically dead by now.

It's an nerve thing. My guess is you bumped the side of your foot awkwardly. Doesn't even need to be enough to hurt, just enough to pinch that tiny tiny nerve just a little.

Same thing happened to my pinky for a few weeks after I bumped my elbow on something.

Assuming no other symptoms (and assuming you're otherwise in good health), I'd just let it be and see if it heals (it might take a while: think weeks). If something else happens, if the "numbness" progresses to other toes, then I'd get it looked at. And definitely get it looked at if the color changes.
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this happens to me all the time, usually on the left foot after i've been driving long distances (over an hour), or on either foot if i've been stuck in an office chair all day. it goes away on its own after awhile. i wouldn't worry unless the tingling persists.
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