Can you send soda cans in the mail?
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ShippingFilter: Can you send soda cans via snail mail without them exploding en route? Any special packaging required? Please help me liberate some captive Dr Pepper from Milan...
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i successfully shipped dr. pepper from WashDC to germany in the summer a few years ago. i just put them in a regular cardboard box with crumpled newspaper. it was shockingly expensive and took nearly a month, but they arrived just fine and were well appreciated.
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Another shipping carbonated things thread.
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You might wanna ask the folks at Pop the Soda Shop, a quirkly little soda place here in phx which ships soda all over the world.
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IANAPostman but...I would think that temperature would be the big problem, as opposed to shaking. I wouldn't send soda during winter. If you pack it welll, I wouldn't expect the cans to get ruptured. It would take an awful lot of shaking to make them burst on their own. I also would be sure to send them alone, or at least not packed with important papers or something that could be damaged if they do explode.
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Why not in winter? I'd think that heat would be the explosion danger. But then, if they freeze I guess they'll expand and rupture too. And cargo in a plane gets awfully cold. A passenger jet at 30K feet has a heck of a lot of climate control keeping everyone warm. In fact, once I bought a laptop online and when it arrived, it was so cold that it was actually covered in dewdrops. I had to dry it out before turning it on. A little nerve-wracking! But it was all right in the end.
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Yup, it's not a problem at all. I ship soda transatlantic on a regular basis (usually 36 cans per box) and have never had a problem. Crush-onastick got it right--just make sure you put in some crumpled up newspaper or something similar to pad it a bit.
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Response by poster: Much thanks ya'll. And phoodz, your link has been dully bookmarked for future Dr Pepper cravings.
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