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When I updated to Windows Media Player 11, why did I lose my sound? How do I get it back? I can get sound, that's not the problem. HELP! (yes, I googled... but i've tried everything on the first few pages and it's still not working.)
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why did I lose my sound? ... I can get sound

Can I be the first to say: more info please.

What can you not hear?
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Yes, this was the most confusing phrasing ever. Assuming the "I can get sound" sentence was a typo, have you:

1. Checked that your speakers are plugged in and turned on?
2. Checked that your computer's volume isn't muted? (Check in the quick launch bar or whatever it's called.)
3. Checked that Media Player's volume isn't muted?

Can you get sound if you play a Youtube video or something else with sound outside of Media Player?
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I think she means she has no sound in WMP11 but has sound everywhere else.
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I've never liked Windows Media Player, and I think it can tell. Every time I try to use it (on somebody else's machines - I don't use it on any of mine), it does something novel, unique and shithouse. I'm tipping you'll be happier without WMP in your life. Media Player Classic is a much nicer thing; it Just Works.
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Did you come across this thread or this one? Lots of suggestions, but downloading a codec called AC3filter seemed to work for the most people. It's mentioned in both threads.
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Response by poster: thanks for the clarification without me. sorry am in the middle of packing and started to freak out about the sound issue. Yes, no sound in WMP11 - i thought i made that clear. Sorry!

I can hear youtube, realplayer, itunes.... even general PC sounds. But just not WMP. I've downloaded the AC3filter and that's not working at all.

Okay well scratch that. I reinstalled the ac3filter and now I have no sound. Crap.
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Try opening Windows Media Player, go to the Tools menu, select options.
On the window that comes up, select the devices tab.
Do you see a device called "Speakers"?
If no, close wmp, bring up the device manager, and try reinstalling your audio device.

If yes, select it and hit the properties button, then click the advanced button on the window the properties button brought up. You should now be on the sound properties page (yes, you could also get there thru control panel, but then we couldn't have seen wmp's device list), and make sure that speakers are marked as the default output device.
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