Old episodes of "Wait Wait..."?
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Where can I find mp3s of old episodes of the NPR show "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me"?

I finally got an MP3 player, and I love NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell me". I went to the site, tried to download, and as far as I can figure out it is impossible to download anything but the latest epidsode. Ack! I want it all! Anyone know where I can find MP3s of old episodes?
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I subscribe to the podcast, and I have dozens of old episodes still hanging about. would there be a way to change your podcast settings to "Download all" or something like that? I subscribe through iTunes, so sometimes I get a long list of greyed episodes, with the "add" button
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Here's some, from Feb 06 until Sept. 07.
Their website does have them, but it's behind a stupid-player-thingie. Could be scraped by someone with webcrawling knowhow, or you could possibly redirect your sound card to output to an mp3 with some jiggling.
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Some shows don't make it easy to download past episodes because of pressure to keep the service limited, both from bandwidth costs and from member stations.

In my experience, those shows' talent wouldn't mind if you used any... extracurricular means to download old shows.
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You can get the old episodes of Wait Wait off iTunes. At least that's how I got them. I think there's archives for the past year available.
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I got a whole slew of them off iTunes as well.
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