Help me find some organizing software!
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Looking to organise myself with an outlook style time management program.

I'm trying to get organised in my work, and I'm looking for software that can keep track of scheduled events, to do lists, contacts, possible tracking sales leads, etc.

There seems to be quite a bit of software out there to do this, and I've tried some basic ones like Sunbird, but I want something a bit more substantial. I don't have the time to try too many out though so a recommendation seems the way to go.

It needs to run on XP, I don't mind paying for it if it's good, synchronising between work and home would be nice, multi user over a network would also be good but isn't entirely necessary. Any other suggestions about what I can use it for are welcome!
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EssentialPIM? There's regular install version, a version you can keep/run off of a keychain drive on any PC, and a network version. Very Outlook-like if that's what you're used to, if slightly less polished looking, but with some features it doesn't have. Lots of options for syncing with other formats, including Outlook, networking, etc. Free or cheap depending on your desired feature set. No email, just a Calendar/Contacts/Tasks/Notes manager. A friend calls it Portable Outlook for $40.
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Search also for:

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Don't pass over Palm devices and Palm Desktop. They are still the standard by which I measure PIMs. Mature, fast, well featured, stable.
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