Uses for a tablet PC
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Bought a tablet PC, now what?

I just got the HP t2000z tablet, mostly because of the "Ooh, shiny!" factor, but also because I hate touchpads and I figured using a pen would be a better input device for my intended uses (light word processing and internet appliance). When it arrived, I found out the tablet screen was made by Wacom! Cool, it's got the pressure sensitivity and everything. So... what neat stuff can I do with it that is easier than/not possible with a traditional laptop?

I figured I'd start editing my photos on it and I saw an old thread gushing about OneNote. What else do you typically use your tablet for? Any software I should pick up that utilizes tablet functions? How about games that benefit from the pen input?
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Check out inkscape; it's a free / open source vector illustration program. It will support pressure sensitivity with it's calligraphy pens; should be fun to play with, especially since you'll be sketching right on the screen. Have fun!
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The MS experience pack has a crossword that is fairly amusing.

One note 2007 is a vast improvement over 2003.
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The TabletPC Buzz forums have lots of discussion about nifty software and neat things people have found.

Also, the swivel on the screen is great for watching DVDs on a plane, where normal laptops don't fit, or the screen angle is poor, or they get crunched when the seat in front swings back.
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Crayon Physics doesn't appear to be out yet, but when it is, it'll be a freakin' blast, so watch for it. I've got the iPod clone, iPhysics.
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Plug Dub In:
No, but it never hurts to have a little "phun" in the meantime.
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Actually, Crayon Physics is out. Crayon Physics Deluxe is the one that's not out yet.
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As someone who has a NON-Wacom "touch sensitive" HP tablet PC... I am jealous.

Also: ArtRage is the funnest thing I've found to do with my Wacom tablet, and a steal at $25.
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Lots of great suggestions here.

Loooove the OneNote 2007 is amazing. There's also EverNote, Mindmanager, and a bunch others. Here's a good list.
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