help me find a famous old photgraph
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I'm looking for a famous old photograph. I can see it in my mind but don't know what its title is. It's possible it's by Henri Cartier-Bresson, but maybe not. The photo is taken from inside an art gallery, and through the window can be seen a middle aged man and woman. The woman is saying something to the man about a painting that's in front of them, but the man is peeking sideways at another painting that depicts a nude woman. I love this photo, I think it sums up so much of human experience in one image. Also, I remember that this photo is part of a series of photos depicting the reactions of different people (including children and a cop) to the nude painting. I'm sure someone out there will know the title and photographer. Thank you!
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It's The Sidelong Glance, by Robert Doisneau.
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One of the reasons I love Ask Mefi. Other people are into the coolest things I'd never've run across on my own.
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Killer photo!
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