What does this page about me say? Can anyone translate it?
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TranslationFilter: This might be a slim chance, but can anyone give me a general idea of what this page says? It has my picture on it , and I'm really curious what the article is about. I've tried running it through several different online translators and haven't had any luck finding a translation that made sense. I also e-mailed the editor of the page, and didn't receive a response.

(P.S.: The picture is an old one from a drunken college party, hence the dazed look and various states of undress.)
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i was in prague last week. unfortunately, i only remember "please", "thank-you" and "potato". for what it's worth, it does not appear to be discussing potatoes. (if you click on the photo you get a bigger version that credits your site, btw).

google turned up this dictionary, which gives a sketchy translation of about half the words (you give it the url and then mouse over words in the returned page).
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It looks to me like Hungarian or maybe even Polish more than Czech, but I don't really know.
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ah. maybe that explains it.... (it's a cz url though).
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Whoops, I didn't even notice that, maybe it is Czech after all.
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This site has a great number of translators. Unfortunately it translates this as: As forth as shame within mound mate.

That's if we assume it's Czech. If I try Hungarian or Polish it totally barfs. I'm betting it's some form of Czech since that gets about half the words.
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i can't help beyond telling you that it's definitely czech, a language very far removed from hungarian.

if you speak slovak, then there's a link on the bottom of the page to the slovakian version...
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You may try to e-mail the authors of either of these blogs, both of which are based in the Czech Republic and blog in English.
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Yes my bad, definatly Czech, and it looks like it's commenting on the costs, or some other aspect of higher education, maybe comparing Europe to the US? The caption for the photo is: Holder pretty well "penez" within tuition? ( illuminative picture : www.zosiablue.com).
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Here's a question...how did you find out that this guy had your picture on his site?

(Just curious--unless he linked to an image on your server, or there's some personal connection, it just seems like an amazing coincidence for someone who knows you to just run across it on a Czech blog.)
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I found a good Czech->English dictionary online here.

Word-by-word translation of "Mají dost penez na školné?"

Mají = shall they, do they
dost = enough
penez = money
na = for
školné = tuition?

But the headline: "Jak studují za kopeckama?" remains a mystery:

Jak = how
studují = students (?)
za = [preposition of some sort]
kopeckama = [no entry in dictionary; perhaps declined/conjugated/pluralized beyond an illiterate's grasp]

From the article text, it looks like it is discussing foreign students. "Francii, Holandsku, Itálii a Polsku" looks like cognates for "French, Dutch, Italian and Polish" to me.
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According to an ancient print Czech-English dictionary in my library, kopec = hill, and kopecek = little hill, while stud is both the root for all the "student" words and all the "shame" words.

I'm guessing it's some sort of slightly idiomatic expression, or maybe a play on words. Of course, neither explains the use of Zosia Blue in a swanky suede dress for the illustration. Please, please post a translation if you get one!
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Ok we can all try to pretend to answer the question or just not post anything and admit that if she hadn't said "various stages of undress" 90% less people would be here.

I have a friend who is a language m4st3r and says it has something to do with "concerns of tuition and how different countries vary" but when I asked him to do a more precise translation he laughed and said he had things to do.
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Oh no I wasn't saying you used it as a gimmick. I just made a bad joke.
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My upstairs neighbors' au pair is Czech. If I run into her tonight I'll ask her for a loose translation.

Also: great picture, out of context or no!
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Languagehat's on vacation, but he'll be back on sunday.
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I've sent the link to my Czech speaking friend and we will see if he turns up an answer.
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If all else fails, throwing $10 at it on Google Answers will probably get you the answer.
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It is Czech. And being Czech, it's about envying other people.

Studying abroad

Do you from time to time like get down on our Czech school system? The shortage of dormatory rooms, the penalties for extended study, the nasty food in the cafeterias?

Studying in some countries isn't always better. You can pay as much as 4,000 Euros in tuition, and there isn't even a dorm. Paraphrase, Blah, blah, CZech students are better or, or rather it's even worse to be a student in other countries, bitch, bitch, moan moan, maybe being in the EU isn't worth it. (okay, I stopped reading. It's just about what it's like to be a student in Italy, Poland and other E.U. countries.
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gesamtkunstwerk: but does the article reference the photograph? What's the caption under the enlarged photo say?

What an interesting tale of international MeFi mystery . . .
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Studium v zahranicí? Study Abroad. The next bit was the paragraph I began to translate. It continues: if you if you want to read about the delights and frights in higher education in France, Italy, Holland, Poland, etc you should read on. It's all tongue in cheek.

A lot of people travel to Prague and lose things, and it's always fun to picture someone finding a picture of themselves in a foreign paper. What are the odds?

Or Maybe Zosia broke a Czech heart that night... Is there something you would like to share with us, Zosia? Czech for "i'm sorry" is 'je mi lito!, or Odpust' mne'
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Under the pic, gesamtkunstwerk.
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Mají dost penez na školné? (ilustracní foto: www.zosiablue.com) Do you have enough money for tuition.
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Here is the translation from my friend:

You are working at a cell phone content company? That is too weird... what's the deal with telecom anyway? My best friend here is also employed at a cell phone company (one of our competitors), and in fact got the job at the exact same time I got mine. Freakiness.

I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to use my Czech knowledge! Here the first paragraph

HOW TO STUDY ABROAD [it's funny, because they're using an old slang term fromt eh communist era instead of the normal "abroad", which literally translates to "over the hills". Hee hee]

Do you also like to occasionally bitch about the Czech school (lack of) system? The lack of dorm availability, fees for exceeding your term of study, the terrible food in the dining halls? Understand that in some countries there are no dorms whatsoever, and a year of study can cost as much as 4000 EUR. That in EU states scholarship students get no more than 150 EUR a month, which amounts to roughly a third of the stipends of Czech students. You can find out the pluses and minuses of colleges in France, Holland, Italy and Poland right here.

Other paragraph headings (I won't go to the trouble of translating them) are:
Gallic corners (about french schools)
Study as long as you want
Everyone must go
Don Quixotes
Masters in four years

That should suffice for a gist of what the article is about. Oh, and I just read the thread... how fucking funny! This person is a victim of lazy graphics design, in the sense that the editor simply browsed the internet for pictures that reflected a very college and/or dorm mentality. They attempt to explain this by referring to the photo an "illustrative" in the caption that reads:

"Do they have enough money for tuition?"
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shotsy: oops. that first 'graph wasn't supposed to have made the cut. it obviously has nothing to do with the thread. please disregard.
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Not to be lewd (and please don't take this wrong--I mean no discredit to you, Zosia) but he seems to be making a snarky comment about what students in other countries might have to do to make ends meet. That picture, with that caption, seems to have a very specific, if unsavory, implication.
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Ai yi, I thought the same as LairBob.
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Za kopeckyma is slang (hovorove), which makes me suspect there is some sexual word play. Prostitution is very prevalent in the CR due to the hugely inequitable exchange rates with Austria and German. It's something people joke about all the time. While the author was making a joke at Zosia's expense, I doubt that she was trying to be malicious.
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