CAY-muss, de-LEE-yo, NAY-bo-koff, PROWST
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How do I pronounce some of my favorite authors' names? (Names inside.)

J.M. Coetzee
Halldor Laxness
Junot Diaz
Kenzaburo Oe
Michel Houellebecq
Michael Chabon

Phonetics appreciated. Thanks!
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Michael (like normal) SHAY-bahn. (Note that this pronunciation comes from a friend of mine who, Once Upon a Time, babysat his kids.)
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I can only answer for "Michel Houellebecq." Mee-SHELL WELL-beck is the basic gist of it. If you want to be more accurate, make your lips as if you're about to say "Ooooh" and instead say "well."
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OH-eh. Two syllables.
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I don't know why I put his name in quotes. I should have also noted that Michel has the same emphasis on the last syllable as Michelle does, only the first syllable is said "mee" instead of "mih."
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J.M. Coetzee - [kutˈsiˑe] - copied from Wikipedia, but that's how I've always heard it pronounced as well.
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Response by poster: kittyprecious: what's the stressing like on 'Kenzaburo'?
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Houellebecq, pronounced WELL-beck.
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Sorry, just noticed that desjardins beat me to the Houellebecq punch.
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Thirding Coetzee as [kutˈsiˑ[schwa]], my South African friend pronounces it like that.
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Most of these (and many more) can be found on the Library of Congress's Say How? page.
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Huh, I've heard NPR pronounce it Co-et-see-uh with a slight accent on "see."
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Halldor is pretty much as English HALL-door.

Laxsness is LOCH-sness [with the Scottish/German ch sound].
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Junot Díaz. At least that's how I would say it too. Junot - French (like the General) and Díaz - Spanish.
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Miss South Africa is a Coetzee too. They seem to add the uh at the end that The Straightener mentions.
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and others too...
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"Cha as in Shea stadium, bon as in Bon Jovi" it used to say that on his website, but he took all the good stuff down!
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No stress on any syllable in Japanese names, though the second-to-last syllable, "bu" (which rhymes with "who"), could be slightly swallowed, so it almost sounds like ken-za-b-ro. And you could slightly stress the "za," but that's not really necessary.

If you really want to be pedantic, you'll say Oe Kenzaburo (basically rhymes with "away hens aflow").
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Oh, and the Japanese "R" sound is not made with lips and clenched teeth (grrrrr) but by tapping the tongue against the roof of the mouth, like a very short "L" sound. It should sound like something between an "L," an "R," and a "D."
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I have KCRW's Bookworm podcast figure out my pronounciations for me. Cees Noteboom? I'm supposed to figure that out for myself?
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yeah Coetzee is like "Tootsie"
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Halldór Laxness has a Wikipedia entry that includes an ogg file of the correct pronunciation. Listening to the interview portions of the Sigur Rós film Heima also gives an idea of the contextual sound of the pronunciation.
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I was going to point you to the Author Name Pronunciation Guide, where you can hear authors pronounce their own names, often with a little background - but not a single one of your authors is listed there. Still a cool site, though.
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I took a course from Coetzee in college, and as I remember he pronounced it something like

cut - SAY - eh.

where by "cut" I mean something about halfway between "cut" and "coat".
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Response by poster: Thank you for the enlightenments, all.
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