Online quizzes for little leaguers
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Looking for online quiz material to help 7-8 year-olds learn rudimentary baseball defensive strategy.

Want to help them larn that when your're playing ____ position, and there's _____ outs, and runner(s) on ____, if the ball comes to you, you throw the ball to _____.

Could be flash cards, online quizzes, or printable quizzes.
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There was something on Sportsfilter a short time back that was exactly what you're looking for, unfortunately I can't find it at the moment.
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I would question whether an "online quiz" would be the most effective way to provide instruction for young kids with notoriously short attention spans especially for written material.

I prefer "live action teaching" using game-like situations and fun drills. For example, setup up a situation with fielders (Infielders/outfielders or both) in positions and use base runners--say runners on first and second and one out. Before the coach hits the ball to a fielder, ask a few defensive players what will they do if you were to hit the ball to them. You can also ask a defensive player what he should do if the ball is hit to another player. Also question base runners about what they will do in that situation. Ask different players questions and praise the ones that answer correctly. Then hit the ball and see if they all do the right thing. If they don't repeat the situation before moving to a different situation.

It is best to remember that learning to play baseball is a work in progress and that players learn best by doing things over and over and by experiencing game like situations more than once. Keep the instruction/drill fun and kids will want to do it over and over. Also try to include as many kids in the drill as possible to limit standing around.
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