Quick easy and really cheap prizes/swag to spice up my guest lecture?
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Help me be generous, but not too generous. I'm doing a guest lecture tomorrow evening with a bunch of masters-level students that incorporates a simulation exercise in groups. On a whim, I'm thinking it would be fun to spice things up and award prizes to participants/groups based on various criteria...but of course, I'm (a) not willing to break the bank on it; and (b) not prepared to give up a lot of time (nor do I want to look like I'm trying too hard to be liked, because I'm not - I just think the experience will be more fun for everyone, and chiefly myself, if the students have a sense that there's an ante). What can I give away that's no more than $1-2 per student out of pocket, but not totally lame?

I was originally thinking something like song credits from itunes, or maybe micro-sized gift certificates from Starbucks (hey, even 1 or 2 bucks towards coffee is still free coffee!) but all the gift certificate options seem to be in the $10-15 on up range. Is there a reputable website that enables purchase of credits of this size? Any other ideas for something I can arrange either on line or with minimal hassle that would be appealing? Dollar stores make me bonkers, and I'd rather not contribute to filling landfills with cheap plastic crap. Thanks for any suggestions!!!
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Best answer: I vote that you give them candy. Reduced price post-Easter GIANT chocolate bunny would totally fit the bill.
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Totally vote for candy...yes, we're all grownups (ok, supposed to be grownups) but nothing is more fun than a teacher pitching candy bars at you like you are back in 5th grade :)
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How's about some 1-2 dollar scratch and win tickets from the regional lottery organization?
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Thirding candy. They gave some out as prizes to my mixed class of undergrads and grad students a few weeks ago, and everyone loved it.
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1 or 2 songs from iTunes.
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Nthing candy. Especially those Ferrero Rocher chocolates - you can get smallish packs for $2-3 in CVS/RiteAid stores and they go down a real bundle with my grad students! They look a lot pricier and posher than they are (and taste good).It's amazing how bright and engaged students become when we have chocolate prizes ... :-)
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Candy open and shut. Other ideas:

>pizza doled out by slice to winners (bring napkins)
>Students need pens /pencils and notebooks. To fend off the lameness maybe getting sport/comic themed ones from office max (dirt cheap) and using the quirky theme as an analogy somewhere the presentation?
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Various exotic fruits. Blood oranges, star fruits, kiwis, and what not.
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heh... before I started reading the answers.. I immediately thought of an episode of The Office where Ryan brings Michael to his business school class... and Michael tosses out various candy bars to the class as part of his inspiring talk..
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oh. and given the time constraints of obtaining stuff to hand out.. definitely candy.

If you had more time, or if this were a more regular thing.. I remember once.. I had a class where the teacher handed out copies of USNews magazines, USAToday newspapers, etc.. Apparently, some of those kinds of publications offer free sample issues to students (with the hope that students will subscribe later)...
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Best answer: Candy is dandy, do it all the time in my classes, but you've got to guss up the pitch somewhat.

I've usually got a wad of cash in my pocket, and will (dramatically) wave it about in the air, mentioning that the prize for a correct answer is either this large amount of cash or a mystery prize of my choice.

As bankers have a reputation for being cheap I don't think anyone is surprised when I give them chocolate rather than three or four hundred pounds, but it does keep atmosphere light, students interested and engaged.

Uni is tough enough what with lectures and labs and assignments and - gulp! - the final. The least I can do is maintain a positive and fun environment.
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Best answer: I do this stuff too, and it could be a bag of fingernail clippings---doesn't matter--- people love to compete!
But yes, candy is much nicer, and cheap to boot.
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I'll waste some bandwidth to further the cause of CANDY! I'd love an instructor underhanding a huge chunk of post-Easter chocolate at me, like a grade-schooler but with higher stakes.
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Response by poster: whoah!!! okay, so lemmee see if I get it. I'm thinking that the consensus here is....candy? Frankly, y'all make it seem so obvious that I'm kicking myself for wasting a question! Thanks to everyone who responded - I'm marking SassHat as best answer simply for being lightning-fast, Mutant for the inspiration to take it up a notch without any additional outlay (too fun!) and Dizzy for making me laugh -- but many thanks to everyone who also bolstered my confidence that doling out some fun is, indeed, a Good Idea.
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I always give my students stickers. (Of course, they are 4 years old.) However, I would not discount stickers as incentive.
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