How do I get free coachella tickets?
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Is there anyway to get free coachella tickets? I am willing to do anything.
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Best answer: Post the same thing on craigslist and you may get some offers.
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Best answer: I have a friend who stands outside concerts with a sign saying "need free ticket". There are inevitably people with extra tickets or no-show friends who can't be arsed to try to scalp them. He's seen some amazing concerts this way though in a seated setting it involves sitting with a stranger.
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Is the problem money or are the tickets sold out? Raising $300 in a month doesn't seem that difficult, especially if you're willing to do "anything." Craigslist is a good option either way, but the approach is going to be different if you're just looking for $. Check out the gigs section.
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I don't know where you are located (couldn't be buggered to check out your profile), but our local radio station has (or had) a call in and be the 9th person and get a chance at tickets, etc. Check your nearby radio stations for trivia call-in deals for tickets. Check online auction places. Sell your body. Or parts of it.
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check with radio stations now, and if you don't get a ticket, i'd go and hold up a sign (as loiseau mentioned). a bunch of friends and i went to a concert two weeks ago and one of our friends didn't have a ticket. he asked along the line, and sure enough, someone had an extra -- and actually gave it to him for free. ymmv, but good luck!!
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Response by poster: So if you were to post on craigslist what catagories would you choose? items wanted, barter what else?
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