Metal crafts classes needed.
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I want to learn metal crafts using a scribe/jeweler or marquetry saw and soldering. I live in Los Angeles (specifically Burbank) and I've tried vocational schools but can't find any specific courses, just entire certification programs in welding & such. I'm better learning when someone experienced is teaching and not from a book. I'm willing to pay for courses...just can't find any.
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If you're open to taking jewelry classes to learn the basics, and then moving on from there, try looking at local community colleges and community centers. I know down here in Orange County (a little too far for you to drive), there are excellent classes at the Irvine Fine Arts Center, which is part of the Irvine community services. I look silversmithing and lost-wax casting there. Silversmithing in particular taught me about cutting and polishing silver, as well as soldering.

Some of our community colleges also offer beginning jewelry classes. I'm sure there must be some LA County colleges that do the same.
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Jewlery classes?
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Try a Google search for Lapidary business and/or groups. It used to be fairly common for lapidary groups to have someone happy and well able to teach sliver work and basic jewelry making. The Antelope Valley may be too far away for you but I"m confident that among the AV Gem & Mineral Club members you should be able to locate a teacher. The Antelope Valley Community College used to offer lapidary classes.
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Response by poster: Sorry - let me clarify. I'm not looking to do jewelry. I'm looking to work with larger metal sculpture so I'd like to use large sheets of aluminum/tin/copper etc.
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Best answer: OK, now I understand. Soldering techniques for copper, brass sheet stock and tin require an approach very much the same as silver soldering. If you're not already familiar with brazing and soldering you might check out jewelry making silver soldering just for the basic tools and techniques for the sake of familiarity and then scale up for big projects. Aluminum welding requires specialized equipment, as you probably already know. Joining different types of metals is an entirely different matter.

Be safe and watch out for potentially hazardous fumes. Good luck.
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