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I'm looking for recommendations for tattooists in New Jersey.

My husband wants a tattoo on his bicep and is looking for shop and artist recommendations. He'd like the design to be colorful and he has a general idea of what he wants done drawn out already.
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Best answer: Where in NJ are you? If you are near the South Amboy area, I recommend Richie's Guidline Tattoos on Route 9. I got my first tattoo there when tattooing was still illegal in New York. It looks like a biker tattoo parlor but I think that's part of its charm, it doesn't look all posh. And they've been around since the late 70's so they've got lots of experience.
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If you're close to the city. You should try Denise De La Cerda. She did my back and was very good and fairly priced. She was once the apprentice of Anil Gupta. Who is renowned for his work.
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Response by poster: I'm in Central Jersey, very close to South Amboy. But my husband travels all over Jersey, and doesn't mind heading further out.
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Response by poster: Thanks, cazoo! My husband went with his design and had a meeting with the artist, and he has an appointment in April.
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