Primary care doctor / GP in Chicago area?
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I'm fairly new to the Chicago area; now that my medical coverage has kicked in, I'm looking for a good general practitioner / primary care physician. I live in Oak Park, but that's not really a restriction; I'm certainly willing to travel a bit for an excellent doctor. So, Chicagoland submodule of HealthFilter: your suggestions?
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I'll happily piggyback on this question, I'm in Bucktown, and I haven't had a doctor since I moved here two years ago.
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I see doctors from the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation. Never been disappointed. There are other threads on this too...
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Check out Evanston Northwestern Health Care. We've had good experiences with them.
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I was in Chicago until a few years ago, and at one point saw a Dr. Tracy Sorce, associated (I believe) with Northwestern-- I'd recommend her. Very personable, attentive and accessible. I believe her office was located more or less downtown, although my memory on that is a bit foggy. Anyway, good luck!
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Roscoe Village Family Practice. Link is a brief consumer review. Dr. Miller and Dr. Lindeman are family practioners who broke away from their clinic practice about 4 years ago. We've been seeing them for more than 20 years, through 2 miscarriages, 2 babies (not babies anymore), measles, a thyroid cancer scare and every bump and bruise a family can go through. I love Dr. Miller and would highly recommend her to everyone. Don't know Lindeman as well, but I trust Miller's judgment--if he's good enough for her, he's good enough for anyone.
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I humbly suggest Associates in Internal Medicine. I've been seeing my doc there forever and it's always been great. My body has a tendency to fail in weird ways and all the doctors there have taken great care of me until my primary care can take over.
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If your doctor search includes dentist, I'd recommend Dr. James Yee. He's in Oak Park, and unless his offices have moved in the last year, he's right next door to the movie theatre (and across the street from a pretty good Indian restaurant). I went to him for a while and was very pleased with his work.
(And it's not primary care, but if you're ever in need of a dermatologist, you can't do better than this guy.)
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I love the people here, but it's probably a bit of a haul from Oak Brook. I really like the size and scope of the place. These are doctors who work in one place and who generally stay for careers. I like the idea that my doctor is my doctor, but I am a patient of the place. If I need a bone set, I walk down the hall. If I need blood drawn, down the other hall. If my doc is off that week, there are other doctors who will cover if I need to get in. Big enough to do all of that, but small enough that I feel comfortable and that I don't feel like a cog in the machine. And there's a great hospital across the street (from the Blue Island location) if I need something they can't provide. And the prices are reasonable.

I have always had trouble with sole practitioner offices, and with doctors who are at different offices every day of the week. Seems very inefficient, and inconvenient for the patient.
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Response by poster: I've decided to try Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group (NMPG, as suggested by WCityMike), since 1) they're right in the Loop (and I pass right by their office on the Blue Line every day), 2) the network at large seems to have received oodles of praise on Yelp, and 3) they take my insurance (Beech Street / Mercer). ^_^ I'll report back after I visit.

If they don't work out for some reason, I'll likely try Associates in Internal Medicine next.
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Response by poster: Follow-up: my wife and I are quite disappointed with Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group (NMPG); they're quite expensive (thus leaving us with a significant bill even post-insurance), and have a rushed in-and-out feel that leaves us wondering how they possibly justify their prices. One of their lab techs collapsed a vein in my arm while taking blood. None of the issues we've raised while seeing our primary care doctors there have been resolved to our satisfaction. Their dermatologist (at the Clark St. location) seems okay, but, again — the prices, ugh.

We're looking for new doctors now; hopefully we'll have better luck going forward.
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