Name that Tile!
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I'm looking for some way to find (or at least ask google) about an oddly-shaped ceramic tile I recently saw.

I saw these tiles in a restroom that looked pretty recently-remodeled, so I think they should be findable - but I can't for the life of me figure out a way to google this one. I would describe the shape of the tile as kind of "bone-shaped", but please see this badly drawn image for reference (the tiles are the orange part, and the black would be grout).

I'm thinking of using something like this to redo my bathroom, but need a way to find these things. If you know what they are called or (even better) where to find them, let me know. Thanks!
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It looks like a variation of basketweave or dogbone. Some examples here, here, here (horrible interface, try "pages" 14 or 28 of the catalog) and here.
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I believe that shape is called "bowtie" when dealing with tile.
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Try here. They seem to have exactly what you posted.
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