Career counseling for science types
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From time to time, I help my liberal arts type friends with resume writing, job hunting and interview coaching. I've now had a scientist ask me for help. How can I help her best?

My friend has worked her way up through the same R&D lab at a small pharmaceutical company over the last ten years or so. Her reviews have been stellar but she feels like she's at a career stalemate, and she wants to move on.

What aspects of a pharmaceutical science job search, if any, are dramatically different from a liberal arts one? What industry-specific career and job websites should we be looking at? What trends in the field should we be aware of? Should she just find a headhunter somehow?

This is someone who has been a great friend to me, and I'd really like to help her as best as I can. Thanks for all informative and/or honest advice -- email is, if needed.
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A place to start looking for this advice: good carrers boards, knowledgable advice etc.

Science's next wave
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