Disable favicon animation?
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How can I disable favicon animation in Firefox 3?

In Firefox 3 Beta 3, Windows version, is there a way to disable favicon animation on the bookmarks toolbar without turning off favicons entirely? (Or, is there a way to permanently delete or replace a favicon?)

Things I've tried already:
1. Setting image.animation_mode to "none". This stops images in websites from animating, but doesn't affect the bookmarks toolbar.
2. This extension for replacing bookmark icons. It doesn't seem to work on Firefox 3 (nothing gets added to the bookmark manager, and its Options dialog doesn't work).
3. Removing the offending icon data from bookmarks.html (while Firefox is not running). The icon doesn't go away. (I guess there must be another cache somewhere?)

I like having BugMeNot readily available, but that goddamn "no" sign better stop spinning around, or he's out the door...

P.S. Possible substitute question: is there an alternative to BugMeNot that doesn't have a dancing icon?
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How about just using a Keyword Search for that search box instead?

Right click on the domain search box on bugmenot.com, and choose "Add a Keyword for this Search". Name it "BugMeNot" and use a keyword of "bmn".

From now on, you can enter domains in that search box without even going to that page. You just type "bmn domain.com" into the Location bar in Firefox, and it will enter "domain.com" into that search box for you, and take you to the results page.

If you get used to typing CTRL-L (or apple-L on a mac), you can do this at pretty much light speed:
CTRL-T (open new tab) CTRL-L (put cursor on location bar) bmn nytimes.com (take me to the results for that search.
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Best answer: Install Adblock and hit List Blockable Elements. Select http://www.bugmenot.com/favicon.gif and clear your cache.
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You can disable all images for bugmenot.com in Firefox preferences. It's a bit drastic, but it doesn't affect site functionality in this case. I tried it, and the favicon reverted to a non-animated version.

You could also install the bugmenot extension, which autofills registration info without even having to visit the site.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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