Help getting Ruby and Java to interact?
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I'm trying to compile and run a Java class from Ruby, but I'm having some problems. I'm not very experienced with Ruby- please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Basically what I'm trying to do is:

1. Inside a Ruby method, compile (`javac`)
2. Run Foo.class with arguments and save the 'console' output as a string. (result = `java Foo filename.txt`)

The command to compile works, as Foo.class appears in the folder. However, part 2 doesn't seem to work as nothing prints when I try to print result (puts result). I'm probably doing something simple wrong but I'm not sure what it is as I'm basically picking Ruby up as I go without any actual grounding.
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Perhaps you could copy and paste your code into this thread?
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Or at least just the relevant bits.
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Among possible other options, this is what JRuby was made for.
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Try this to see whether the last backtick command succeeded:

puts $?.success?

You can also try running the whole thing interactively in irb, and then poking at the results. Type "$?.methods" for more ideas.

If this is on Windows, this thread might help you figure out why it's failing.
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Instead of the backtick, try Open3#popen3. Whatever error messages you're getting are going to standard error, which you can get from popen3.

Also, try absolute paths in your command line for the java interpreter, the class file, and the input file.
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Well I feel stupid, apparently it couldn't find the input file. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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Definitely use JRuby, as rhizome suggested above.
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