Homer Attends a Job Interview
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Trying to find an episode of the Simpsons wherein Homer attends a job interview, and answers the "What is your greatest weakness?" question with an explanation of his kleptomaniac tendencies.

Homer's answer goes along the lines of how he's an alcoholic, so early on in the job he'll start stealing little things like paperclips and staplers, but will eventually move up to fax machines, chairs etc.

I've tried searching for combinations of keywords from the above, but so far the only two likely candidates were "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" and "He Loves to Fly and he D'ohs", but they weren't it.

Does anyone remember that episode, or am I making things up?
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Best answer: I Married Marge from season 3.
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Best answer: greenland is correct. It seems like your memory has filled in the scene a little.
Smithers: What would each of you say is your worst quality?
Man 1: Well, I a workaholic.
Man 2: I push myself too hard.
Homer: Well, it takes me a long time to learn anything,
I'm kind of a goof-off...
Smithers: Okay, that'll do.
Homer: ... a little stuff starts disappearing from the workplace...
Smithers: That's enough!
-- Job interview, "I Married Marge"
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Oh, and googling with site:snpp.com is sometimes better for Simpsons trivia than googling the internet at large. In this case, "job interview site:snpp.com" was enough for me.
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Response by poster: Ah so I was over-remembering it, thanks for that!
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