Will my Prince Albert mess with her Nuvaring?
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My wife just got a prescription to switch to Nuvaring (aka "The Ring") for birth control. While she was at the appointment she forgot to ask if my Prince Albert would cause any interference or problems- specifically if it would dislodge The Ring. Any advice?

We have some time before she makes the switch, but any advice (anecdotal or not) would be greatly appreciated. My PA is a 10 gauge, so the ring isn't huge, but we're worried that it will accidentally pull The Ring out during intercourse. She just got off the phone with the doctor and she said that she wasn't familiar with the situation but suspected it was unlikely to cause problems...any insight, MeFites?

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If the ring comes out, you can just put it back in.
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If the ring has not been inserted properly, the ring can slip out of the vagina. Sometimes this happens when removing a tampon or exerting force, such as during a bowel movement. If it does slip, and it has been less than three hours, a woman is still protected from pregnancy. Before reinserting the ring, rinse it with cool to lukewarm water and reinsert it as soon as possible within the three-hour time span. If NuvaRing needs to be replaced, insert a new one within the three-hour time span and continue on the same schedule as if it were the same ring.

If NuvaRing has been out of a woman's vagina for more than three hours, she may reinsert the ring as soon as possible, following the same procedure listed above. However, she may not be protected against pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to use a condom during the next seven days.

The ring can come out during intercourse and some people choose to remove it and reinsert afterwards. It's not really an issue.
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But yeah, I'd say don't worry about it. I don't think it would be a problem at all, but if your penis jewelry is catching on it she can take the ring out while you have sex and stick it back in there later.
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She can take the ring out during/before sex, but she just needs be sure to put it in again right afterwards. If you forget and leave it out, it lowers the effectiveness.
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The ring is known to occasionally pop out during sex. It's not a big deal. Just make sure that she checks afterward to make sure it's still there. If not, check the sheets. It will only be an issue if she leaves it out for hours.
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One more vote for removing it before sex and replacing it afterward. My ex was on Nuvaring for a while and.....uhhh....bumping into it occasionally was annoying.
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My girlfriend's doctor told her that the ring could be removed for up to 3 hours at a time, which is probably your best solution.
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Take it out before sex, just dont forget about it.
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N-thing what everyone else has said that she can leave it out for a while with no repercussions. I used the ring for a while and my well-endowed bf would occasionally dislodge it. It would find its way out after sex when things were, um, very slick. No big deal, I'd just pop it back in. I'm trying to remember if he ever mentioned noticing it was there in the first place and I don't think he ever did.
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My fellowship-of-the-ring friends call it "ring toss" when this happens. It's not uncommon, and it's perfectly fine. Have fun!
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I switched from Nuva Ring because I had exactly this problem.
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I'm a guy. I barely noticed it with one of my ex's. Sometimes she'd just take it out for an hour or two.
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Funny, this isn't my guy posting (I just posted asking about starting Nuvaring) but yes: every source I've found says leaving it out for up to three hours is fine. She can take it out for sex or, if she leaves it in and it comes out, she can just rinse and reinsert.
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I'm sure you can leave it out for a little while with no risk of pregnancy but doesn't this ruin the spontaneity a bc like this is supposed to offer? Who wants to have to run to the bathroom every time you want to have sex to take it out, then wash it and put it back in afterwards?

I was on Nuvaring for a couple of months and didn't like the hormone effects. If I wasn't trying to get pregnant in the next six months, I would get an IUD again. I had the Paragard for 3 years. No hormones, doctor puts it in once, can stay in for up to 10 years or until you want to get pregnant.
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