iPhone Enterprise Beta Acceptances?
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Has anyone been accepted yet to the iPhone Enterprise Beta yet? I know that last week people began getting acceptances to the Developer Beta program but I haven't heard anything about the Enterprise Program.

A quick google mostly just found references to the program existing and/or old reports of the enterprise announcement. My IT manager submitted within the first couple days it was available (maybe the first day? I forget) and hasn't heard anything back yet.
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Arg: "accepted yet... Beta yet"

Please excuse the grammar fail. Actually, all three "yet"s in my post probably were unnecessary. Oh well.
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My employer submitted it’s application within a few days of the SDK announcement and has not heard anything back yet either.
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Ditto, no response here either. (Also, I hope the asker's name is a DJ reference because that would make me smile.)
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We submitted an app as well and haven't gotten anything back (as opposed to the developers who got a "We'll be in touch" reply.)

Most of the software in the beta is already pretty mature so they probably don't need a large pool of testers. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple never ends up expanding the Enterprise Beta beyond a few big corporate customers. I know Apple has really strong ties to Genentech and they're at the start of switching a huge chunk of their company over to Macs + iPhone. I'll ping some people there to see if they're rolling out ActiveSync for their execs.
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Well, it sounds like no one else has heard either. I guess that is comforting, although good luck to everyone else waiting.

rokusan - Not sure what DJ is... it was based off an inside joke amongst friends. In college my buddies and I used to use "Hi, how are you?" (said very enthusiastically as if you haven't seen an old friend for ages) as a "pickup line" (more of a practical joke, really) on girls at parties.
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I don't think they are sending out anything about the Beta program yet. I also think it's going to be a fairly limited beta to a small set of Apple-friendly companies.
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Off topic, DJ = Daniel Johnston, hihowareyou.com
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I submitted our application (Very Large Oil Services Company) within a couple hours of the announcement and have not heard back yet.
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