what options do I have to "microblog" a special event?
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Our first child is due any day now. To quell my excitement I am doing what any computer dork would do... I'm researching "microblogs". I'm looking for alternatives to Twitter and Twitxr.

I am planning on sharing the link to parents, relatives and friends near and far to track the updates if they're interested. When we had our "trial run" with Mr Braxton Hicks people were calling left and right and it was tough to pay attention and assist mom. Plus, I just want a diary of one of the most important days of my life.

I would prefer to use something hosted on my own server and with a mobile interface but the options seem very limited. Twitter would be fine but reliability is an issue and the lack of images. Twitxr is an alternative but it's using my Flickr account which I use for my photography hobby (non-personal photos). Pownce allows text updates but files can only be sent to friends (I have no friends *frown*). Jaiku is closed beta. Wordpress has one mobile app that's very limited and buggy with ads. Ecto for Wordpress requires a laptop. The list goes on and I'm afraid I've exhausted my options. Help? Thanks.
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Tumblr might be right for you. It meets most of your requirements, but I'm not sure about mobile access.
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chyrp is lightweight, but I haven't tried updating from a mobile.
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Response by poster: Tumblr was an option. It's hosted on their server and the only mobile integration they have is emailing a randomly generated email address. The delay wasn't that bad. I'll keep it on my shortlist. Thanks.
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Sorry, timmins, I misread your request for something hosted on your own server as being able to run your own domain name (which Tumblr allows).
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A friend of mine with the same requirements went with Tumblr. I think he's pretty happy with it.
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You can't host Tumblr on your own server, but you can set up a redirect from a domain you own. So hurry up and grab omfgnewbaby.com and get microblogging!
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Ack, messed up the link.
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(py)blosxom entries are just text files so you could do mobile/sms -> email ->procmail to text file. =blog entry.

There's a blosxomplugin here: http://www.asiantuntijat.org/~avs/mmspulautin/.

But you've got a kid on the way so i imagine you have more on your hands than to get involved in all the geekery it woiuld entail.
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Yeah, I use Tumblr and it seems like a good way to go for this. You get a unique email address that you can send pictures or text to that will be posted to your Tumbler blog. It's neat.
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Movable Type (n.b. I work with the team that makes it) has an excellent iPhone interface which also works with other mobile devices, a built-in media manager for handling whatever kinds of files you can throw at it, an Action Streams system for collecting activities from other sites a la Tumblr, and all of these capabilities can run on your own server.

Oh, and the platform and all of the features I've described are 100% free and open source.
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actually wordpress has a post via email feature out of the box.

Admin > Options > Writing > Post via email

"To post to WordPress by e-mail you must set up a secret e-mail account with POP3 access. Any mail received at this address will be posted, so it’s a good idea to keep this address very secret."
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Just in case you secretly want someone to say this to you ...

You know, you could just ignore all ideas of technology, communication, keeping people updated, etc., and just be there. When it's all over, call a few key people and tell them a few key details, and get them to spread the word for you.

That may be what happens anyway. Your best-laid plans to deploy clever bits of technology may seem a bit less interesting to you when it comes to the birth of your child.
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