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I'm looking for a dynamic, multimedia online portfolio system. Does such a thing exist? Kind of like a flickr model, but for different media types and personal domains. (details inside)

My dream: To simply upload a file in a particular folder on a server, and have my portfolio (or gallery) automatically update and add the new media to its current presentation. FTP transfer preferred over a web interface, but whatever.

Ideally, a metadata field could be read to include caption or tagging information.

Further, different media types (audio, video, picture) would be automatically recognized and added to unique galleries of that mediatype.

What's more, customizable css for aesthetic fiddling.

Is it out there?
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Not using CSS, but slideshowpro.net has a fairly customizable solution that when coupled with their director application-- you can add media and sound with ease.
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Wordpress can do all that and more with good plug-in selection and a handful of php/css coding nuggets. There's just one catch- in order to really tweak it to your liking you'll need to be pretty familiar with their content management system. This is the best tutorial I've come across online for a beginner. I'd say (if you're pretty tech savvy and can pick things up pretty quickly), you'll have a site up in less than a month. After that, with the right planning, you'll be able to do everything you just described.

My vote's for this, since you'll have a unique site that can reflect the quality of your work (which is much more impressive than deviantart, etc when it comes to an artist's portfolio). You can meta-mail me with questions if you've got them- I've coded four sites with Wordpress and wouldn't mind spreading the love.


p.s. a quick link to show you* the kind of things you can do with WordPress. Click the galleries there.

*disclaimer: my personal site
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thanks, pedmands. this is the type of open source, expandable thing I'm looking for. Any plug in tips?
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