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Business Facts: About 2 years ago I saw the online version of a special feature in a newspaper/magazine which had short summaries of various businesses. The ones that were definitely included were New York Taxis, Sandwich shops etc. More inside

For example, there was a page which summarised the economics of being a taxi driver then there was one which did the same for sandwich shops etc. It was simple straight facts, more like back of the envelope stuff and not business school stuff. I seem to recall that it was in a NYC based publication and my first thought was NY Post but looking at their website it doesnt seem like a publication which would do anything serious ;). It was not NY Times though.

Any help is appreciated.
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I remember that too, but can't find it. I think "drug dealer" was one of the professions.
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It was this piece from New York magazine. I believe it was linked from the blue also, but can't find the post at the moment.
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