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Aspartame-free chewing gum?

Posting on behalf of my wife, who is allergic to aspartame. What's out there now that even Doublemint and Juicy Fruit are spiked with the nasty stuff? Googling gave me this, which gives me the V!@G4A heebie-jeebies. Is there anything based on sucralose? Or even something similar to the original Wrigley's mint-flavored chewing gums?
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Trident is (like the gum in your link) sweetened with Xylitol.
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Glee Gum.
posted by rachelpapers at 8:17 AM on March 24, 2008

Perhaps the all natural Glee Gum?
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Gah, apparently Trident is sweetened Xylitol and Aspartame. Ignore previous comment, then.
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There's also Spry Xylitol Chewing Gum and Xylichew.
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Original Double Bubble? And I thought Big Red was one of then last Wrigley aspartame holdouts, although that may have changed.
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(Linked to ingredient lists): Chiclets, Wrigley Spearmint and Big Red, Altoids Sugar Free Cinnamon Flavor gum, and Dentyne Fire. You might also take a look at the older gums, such as Black Jack, Clove, Beemans, and Teaberry.
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Also Bazooka and Bubblicious.
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Big Red is the only non-fake-sweetener stuff I've found that doesn't make my mouth all sour and furry (as sugary gums are wont to do).
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I think Chiclets are ok, but sugarfree chiclets have aspartame.
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Wrigley Spearmint contains acesulfame K

from -

Acesulfame-K - also known as Sunette, Sweet One, Sweet 'n Safe

Acesulfame-K was discovered in 1967 and is 150-200 times sweeter than sugar. Acesulfame-K is a highly stable, crystalline sweetener with a chemical structure is similar to saccharin.
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