PCT jobs in Atlanta-where are they?
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[AtlantaFilter] Mr. Shaarog is in nursing school but in the meantime he took the Patient Care Technician course. He needs to get a job!!

He has applied for a couple of positions for PCT's but nothing is turning up. Does anyone know of temp medical agencies that hire PCT's? Many hire LPN's, RN etc. but he needs a company that places PCT's. He would like a perm position so bonus points if you know of any hospitals, nursing homes or anyone else who is hiring.
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I was a nursing admin in the metro area for six years. I'm going to be frank with you here and it's not what you're going to want to hear, but it's unlikely he's going to find a good job as a PCT. There is a distinct difference between a PCT and a CNA. CNA's are most definitely wanted but PCT's lack the training that are needed for hands on care. I cannot tell you how many CNA's I have hired who were once PCT's who couldn't get a job. Unfortunately the advertising for these educational courses will get them. They lead one to believe that a PCT and a CNA are similar or even worse, that a PCT is better than a CNA. It should be illegal if you ask me.

I would suggest checking into some clinics, even dialysis clinics. Otherwise, I would suggest trying to get his CNA instead. One thing I'm not familiar with is how one becomes certified in Georgia, but it stands to reason that if someone has had training as a PCT, they may only need to test out to be a CNA. Though I really have no idea. The state board can answer that question.

I wish your friend luck, and I'm sorry to deliver such unhappy news.
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Response by poster: I thank you for the honest answer. In fact Mr. Shaarog mentioned getting his CNA but I was hoping we would not have to lay out any more money until he started bringing some in.
As a friend of mine used to say, I can handle the truth, it is no news that I cannot handle so I really appreciate your honesty. At least this gives me a picture of what our next steps are. Thanks again.
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