One key, one wallet, one problem: how?
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How do I securely carry a single key in my wallet?

I've started carrying a single housekey in my wallet because my keychain is overladen with keys that it won't fit in any of my pockets without stabbing me or looking like a tumor. However, since the key is loose in the wallet pocket, it has a tendency to move around, and several times it has fallen out when I open my wallet, so far I haven't lost it, but it's bad enough when it happens.

Is there any way of securing the housekey in the wallet? I remember that there were some emergency car keys which were embedded into a plastic card, and it could be popped out: is there something similar for a generic housekey? Like a card-size object that holds one key, easily removable but secure?

I've spent a lot of time slimming down my wallet (made out of tyvek, only four cards carried) so carrying something like a dedicated key wallet would add an unnecessary amount of bulk.
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Maybe this would work?
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Do you use this key often? If it's a spare, I imagine simply putting a piece of tape across it and sticking it to a cut down piece of index card would do the trick.
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Get a cellphone charm. Remove the bling part and replace it with your key. Loop the mini-strap to the part of your jeans/pants where the belt goes thru and then put the key on the small change pocket in your jeans/pants.
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sew a keyring in your wallet's interior.
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Couldn't you just use an x-acto knife to cut your key shape (roughly) out of a credit-card sized piece of plastic? Like an old credit card, or maybe two or three credit cards glued together to be extra thick?

I did something similar once, but mainly because I was annoyed by the key-shaped dent that the key was making in my wallet. :)
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I carry a spare vehicle in my wallet because after you've locked your key in your car once and watched a locksmith destroy your window - it's just not worth it. So what I do, is I just fold up the key between a piece of paper in a mini envelope so it's there when I need it and put in the most inner pocket of my wallet. Works great for me.
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Take 2-3 cards you don't want anymore (gift cards work great) and superglue them together. Now cut out the outline of the key with an exacto knife. You can now carry the key in the hole you cut without damaging your wallet or other things in it.
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you know, most jeans have a tiny pocket inside your front right pocket.
that works pretty nicely for a single key.
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krautland, that will only work well if meowzilla wears jeans 99% of the time. Habits that aren't continually reinforced are easily forgotten, leaving the pocket key useless at church, the office (assuming business casual or nicer pants), the gym, etc.

Plastic keys, cut out of and still attached to their credit-card-sized blanks, are available - sorry, I can't remember where, but I've seen them. Basically a specially-made version of what people are describing above with gluing stacks of cards together. They aren't meant to stand up to regular use, though, so the homemade version is probably a better idea for you.
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I used to have a key that was made of an extremely light alloy for a car I bought used. I never took the time to check with any locksmiths whether they offered that service but I always thought it would be great to have all my keys made of that lightweight alloy. I remember I used to keep that key in my wallet and it virtually added no weight. Anyone know if they still offer this product?
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I always just attach a key to a safety pin to my clothing when I go running. The same thing could work for your wallet, I suppose.
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I carry it in a plastic sleeve which came with my library card. Since I carry my always carry my library card, it serves dual function without bulking up my wallet. I carry my wallet in my front pocket so it can't be too bulky.

This is a spare since I was forgetting my house keys so I decided to carry a spare in my wallet.
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You mention you've slimmed down your wallet, how about your keyring? Having so many keys on it that you cannot fit even one more sounds like a bit much. Perhaps you need more than one ring - you could leave one in the car all day, or whatever works in your situation.
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I actually bought a wallet once that had a little plastic ring/sheath thing sewed into the lining that was designed to hold a key. I don't remember where I got it, it was probably just a cheapo Wal-Mart wallet or something. But they do exist.
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I just stick mine in the plastic things that are supposed to hold photos and the like. Then again, I'm female - are those things common in men's wallets?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions all. I was looking for something that would fit into the wallet, and have nothing to do with my pants, plus it adds another way to lose the key.

This key is used semi-often, so a taped envelope or similar wouldn't work.

I'll pick up some of those plastic wallet key holders, plus I've got some gift cards that I can dice up and see how well they carry. I'll report back when I've found something that works well.
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