Better clothes for men near Seattle?
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Hip men's clothing (stores, boutiques, thrift shops, hole-in-the-walls) in or near Seattle, within an hour's drive.

I am pretty much sick of most of the clothing I purchase because:

1. They fall apart.
2. They don't fit me as well as they should.
3. I am tired of department store clothing.
4. Everyone here seems to have a 6th sense in fashion.

Please suggest some hip places to buy clothes in Seattle. Expensive is fine, cheap is better). Ordinary is fine, off the beaten path is better. Thanks!
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* ian is nice and has quite a few locations around town.
* blackbird in ballard is great. pricey, but nice stuff.
* zebra club gets a bit trendy sometimes, but worth a look.
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Inexpensive and very cool!
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David Lawrence
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Le Frock
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Don't forget Goodwill, the main store on Dearborn & Weller (so. edge of Chinatown). Now, for sure, this is not a carefully filtered collection of old, beautifully made clothes. It is a fantasmagoria of a range of stuff from cheapo Chinese throway shit to good, solid clothing. THe thing is that the hidden glitterati of Seattle (of all ages, but esp. young) have always been coming here and creating offbeat, guerilla-vestment statements. A lot of ghetto gays, and artsy gays. I have seen incredible episodes in the men's clothing section -- the parading, commenting, and flirting. It would be worth a filmmaker's time to set up shop there for a couple weeks, and produce a docudrama "Sartorial Sedimentation Sifters in Seattle: The Next Wave". If you are a really old-time Seattleite, you will realize instantly that you are observing truly hidden, Taoist remnants (including the ACTUAL old persons themselves) of the pre-corporatized, Disneyfied Seattle of pre-1980. The kind of folks one used to see in various neighborhoods as a matter of course. Check it out.

Of course, whatever intriguing clothing elements you cull from there will ring up a bill so low, that you will have to go celebrate by buying yourself lunch (and they do also have some sort of return policy ... to boot).
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Polite Society on 1st downtown has men's and women's clothing. It's pretty pricey, but very cool.
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In addition to the previously mentioned stores (Blackbird, Ian, Mario's, Polite Society, etc), I would also recommend Barney's New York on 6th and Pine. The stuff in the Co-Op section is some of the best in town.

Or, for more affordable but still very stylish, try driving up to Vancouver to hit up Zara.
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