Looking for a female dermatologist who works with rosacea and IPL.
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Does anyone here have positive experiences with a female dermatologist (or other specialist) in St. Louis who is good with most likely erythematotelangiectatic rosacea and care to name names?

I'm red. Really red. Occasionally baboon-ass red. The Curse of the Celts was pretty light on my mom, but it seems to have hit me hard. Sunscreen hasn't helped, neither have various gentle cleaning regimens I'm looking for someone who works with Intense Pulsed Light or similar therapies. Thanks in advance. Please email flushedwithshame@yahoo.com with questions, if you have them.
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I go to Dr. Elsa Gutierrez at Derm Care PC in Creve Coeur. I am not sure whether she specializes in rosacea, but she has over 20 years of experience. I'm sure she's probably seen your problem before, but she will be able to give a great referral to you even if she can't help.

I also used to go to Dr. Connie Gibstine at Mid-County Dermatology. I would recommend both of these doctors to anyone.

Good luck!
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I am not a health care professional.

Anon, I have had severe telangiectasia on hands and feet. I was significantly helped by minocycline. There is published research, but my doc pretty much stumbled on to it. Unfortunately, I'm now very allergic to minocycline, so talk to any doc about side effects. Email's in my profile. Good luck.
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