Anyone have a good and long reggae playlist that will have people up and dancing all night?
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Anyone have a good and long reggae playlist that will have people up and dancing all night?
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Start and end with Toots and the Maytals:

Keep it old school, not the newer stuff. This will put you well on your way. Not that I don't like the newer stuff, but the old school reggae from Toots is so infectious, no one can withstand it.

I'll be watching this thread.
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Many of the 3-disc Trojan box sets will keep you in good stead, notably the "Soulful Reggae" edition. (It being scientifically impossible to resist old-school reggae covers of Motown hits.)

The 4-disc "The Story of Jamaican Music: Tougher Than Tough" is often called out as one of the best overviews of reggae ever assembled. You could use it either straight-up as a playlist, or as a jumping off point for additional research.
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I have a massive playlist I put together from my collection of late 60's/early 70's rocksteady--mostly stuff produced by Clement Dodd or Duke Reid. If you're into that sort of stuff (post ska, pre-reggae, and highly danceable), I would definitely pick up these albums:
Duke Reid's Treasure Chest
The Ethiopians, Train to Skaville Anthology
Alton Ellis, Cry Tough
Tribute to Jackie Mittoo
and stock up BIG TIME on Studio One compilations. Soul Jazz records has the best.

Speaking of Soul Jazz, their "Dynamite" series of compilations would probably be great for what you're looking for. Heartbeat Records is awesome, but I don't care for their "Reggae's Greatest Hits" series.
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all great. though crowd will enjoy more dancehall, 80s, 90s reggae....
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My husband loves roots

Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown, Glenn Washington, Steel Pulse (Album: True Democracy), Garnett Silk, The Heptones, Gladiators, Bunny Wailer

I could probably make you a few mixes later today. Email if you'd like.
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Yeah, you can't do any better than Trojan for the old stuff, especially the Rocksteady set. Another good box-set is the "This is Reggae" set that starts with The Train to Skaville.
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Trojan Records, 20 Reggae Classics volumes 1-4. I can't express how much these 80 songs mean to me.

I too will be watching this thread, I have no idea where to start with dancehall and dub.
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try dj perry's recent jamaican gangster mixtape for starters; i think the above responses, as you noted, are nice but not geared toward dancing, more easy listening type reggae... you should check out the blogs for this one, there's some good stuff at tropical computer system, ghetto bassquake, etc, and also try searching the hypemachine for reggae mixtapes. good luck!
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oh yeah and CISM (french radio station out of montreal) has often had good reggae danchall podcasts. i dont speak french but the words for the music genres are obviously the same...
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sorry, one last post. you're looking for tanya stephens, santogold, etc. starting with those keywords on hypemachine or other blogs might lead you to untold reggae/dancehall treasures.
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Marley! Bob and his son Damian are my favorites but there are a bunch of Marley brothers and tunes out there certain to keep your crowd jammin' all night! Not a playlist, but new to this hive mind and not sure if this is good info or junk...?
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Roots has been covered well already, so I will mention:

Dub: Lee "Scratch" Perry, particularly Enter the Dragon. This is dub, and therefore better for end-of-night wind down. Also Augustus Pablo and King Tubby.

Newer: Damian, Stephen, and Ziggy Marley, Matisyahu, Morgan Heritage, Dub Syndicate, Anthony B, Buju Banton, Eek-A-Mouse.

Older stuff not mentioned: Black Uhuru, Peter Tosh, Melodians.
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2nd Melodians. Swing and Dine has tons of danceable hits. However most of them are on Duke Reid's Treasure Chest, which is a killer party album.
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