Can a Canadian journalist make it in the U.K.?
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Canadian journalist wants to work in the U.K. - does this sound remotely feasible?

I'm a Canadian journalist with a few years experience at a regional daily. I'm considering making the move to the U.K. over the next few years, likely London, and would appreciate any advice from fellow Canadians who've successfully (or semi-successfully) made the jump.

In particular, I'm looking for suggestions or experiences in getting visas, the type of work I can expect to find (or not find), level of experience required, and whether I stand a chance in hell of making this work. I'm reasonably confident in my abilities, but not sure how they'll hold up in a major market. Totally willing to explore different employment options, although my past experience is mostly in news reporting, online/print/radio.

I've set up a temporary email account - Any additional questions or comments can be sent there. Thanks in advance!
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I know many Canadians were at the BBC when I was there. They usually got to Britain on Working Holiday Visa, though I think there are other ways in. It's good to pinpoint places where you would want to live, look at some of the regional dailies there and maybe send clips beforehand, once you have the visa and a plan for living. I did not do this and really had to run around to do stringing when I had an occasional week off from my broadcasting job. Let me just say that journalism rarely pays the bills in England, but that was my own experience.
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