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looking for an online game from a year ago similar to pixeljunks Monster game on PS3, the towers you built were flowers that could inflict more damage on passing enemies...

there was an online game i played a year ago or so, where you had to build forts (i think the forts were technically flowers like blue lotus etc) that had greater and greater fire power and could inflict more damage as you spent more points them upgrade them.... your enemies would stream by in various strengths and numbers and your flower towers (or whatever they were) would fight them off. basically a strategy game and very similar to the way pixeljunk's monster game is on the PS3..... any thoughts?
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similar to these games too... only... uh different?

tower defence games
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yeah, it seems you are referring to the very popular tower defense genre. Desktop Tower Defense is arguably the 'premiere' flash version.

Looks like this version includes flower towers.
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There's one on Big Fish Games called Garden Defense that includes Sunflowers and Garden Gnomes. There's also one that's great fun called Monster Mash where you fight off, well, monsters:)
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YAY~~~ thanks fishlover! that was it!
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