Savings plan for primary school?
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My child will be switching to a very expensive private elementary school. I have already prepaid the tuition for next year, but what is my best strategy to pay for the following years? Specifically, what is the best way to invest about $2K/month so that I can withdraw the needed lump sum once a year? 529 plans are for college expenses only, and Coverdell education-savings account maxes out at $2k/year.
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Are you specifically asking if there's a subsidized or tax-offset investment vehicle for this, similar to a 529 plan? If so, the answer is definitely no.
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Seems to me that's not what lmY2K is asking, gum. She or he would probably like what is bascially a savings account, but with higher interest, so that a substantial amount of money can earn a little something while it accumulates over the course of a year.
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Moneymarket mutual fund. Add as much as you want take as much as you need.
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Maybe a CD ladder? Although I don't know if the term lengths would work out for you.

You could also use high-yield savings accounts from something like ING Direct or Emigrant. Not a super-duper return but very liquid.
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We usually used Academic Management Service to pay our son's private school tuition. That has the adantage, as I recall, that your payments are insured against the possibility that the student withdraws, for whatever reason. It's sort of the opposite of what you are asking for (chances are your school has made you aware of it if it's an option).
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