New Teaching Method?
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Warning: F911 question.

The kids in the classroom during My Pet Goat were reading the book out loud in this shouting, choppy cadence with no regard to content or inflection etc. At the end of each sentence, the teacher would give them sort of drill instruction; I think one of which was something like 'Now we're going to read the next sentence without any mistakes'. Cue kids barking words in sequence. Is this some sort of new teaching method?
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I'm guessing some sort of phonics thing, but I'm too old to have been taught that way and too young to have any kids being taught that way.
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I believe it's Direct Instruction/Reading Mastery. Scoped out here.
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"Direct Instruction" refers to scripted exercises laid out in the curriculum for the teacher to follow with his class, essentially. The idea is really to make efficient use of class time, and isn't exclusive to reading - it can be used for math and such. "Reading Mastery" is, as far as I'm aware, just the marketing term for those particular books by that particular publisher. The shouting cadence is probably a product of a phonics-based approach so content is beside the point... sort of.

I work for a place that deals in both direct instruction and phonics, but this is not my area of expertise, and I'm a little hazy about it myself, and likely missed important distinctions. But that's the basic size of it.
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I'm just pleased that the White House is finally taking George's disability seriously and has him in some classes. I find it odd, though that all they could find was a class full of kids in Florida.

But seriously....I thought this was asupposed to be a photo-opp, set up for the press and whatnot. If so, then why is the only video footage from the event from one of the teachers who had a camcorder? The TV press follows Bush around and goes everywhere he goes. I find it hard to believe there were no TV cameras in that classroom, and if there were then where is the footage?
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Uh, there is footage from the Education Channel in Florida.
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