Bluetooth GPS Tracking
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I'm looking for software for my Windows Mobile smartphone + bluetooth GPS brick that will let people log in to a web site and see my current location (preferably in google maps).

I have a T-Mobile Dash running WM6 smartphone (with an always-on unlimited GPRS internet connection), and a bluetooth GPS brick (Holux M-1000). I've spent weeks hopelessly Googling for a solution, to no avail. There are quite a few J2ME java programs that seem to do what i want, BUT none of the JVMs for windows mobile support bluetooth, and thus can't read from the GPS brick. One native WM program seems to do exactly what I want (I think it's called "Tracky"), but it's for WM PocketPC (not smartphone) only.

I have a program - Efficasoft GPS Utilities - that logs my position to a file on my phone's storage card. Perhaps someone smarter than me could think of a way to upload this file at certain intervals? I'm fairly technically adept, so solutions that involve running a server on a home computer are no problem. I just don't know where to start.
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Navizon. Pay the one-time $25 fee or use the time-delayed data.
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search this forum. it's focused on HTC phones, but the VAST majority of the software is for WM5 or WM6, not HTC specific. These guys are close to THE authority for Windows Mobile.
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Yeah, i go to xda-developers pretty religiously. That's where I found many of the java programs and Tracky. Maybe someone else will have more luck with search terms, though.
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Also, I'm trying Navizon out and it's pretty awesome. But the tracking data appears to be pay-only totally, how do i access the time-delayed data? Am I just being blind?
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Never mind. I found it. Navigon seems to work great with the current position, thanks!
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I got 3d Tracking to work on my WM5 Treo.
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Thanks! 3dtracking looked promising, but it's only for the PDA version of windows mobile, not the smartphone version.
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Probably requires EDGE or better unlimited data plan, but Microsoft's own Windows Live Search works great on my Dash - maps are served automagically over the data connection, and will follow the coordinates supplied by my old Dell BT GPS unit. It'll also provide live traffic conditons in supported areas, as well as satellite pictures as well as the vector graphic maps. Acceptably fast on my EDGE connection via T-Mobile.

Great search function, find a restaurant in your current area, etc. And it's all freeeeee!
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Yeah, Windows Live Search is great, but I was looking for something mainly that would allow other people to track my location remotely, from some kind of web interface. And for posterity, the best solution I've found thus far is Trackr! It not only serves your location to a google maps web interface (with only a few seconds of lag), but also saves your tracks, so you can see where you've been as well.
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